Turning data into results
Tajitsu offers a predictive marketing platform that helps marketers monetize, grow and retain existing customers

Start utilizing your customer data

Tajitsu maximizes customer value through

Smarter Communications

Target customers with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time

Predictive Analytics

Work smarter by predicting which customers are more likely to convert, buy, or become passive

Customer Insights

Identify new opportunities, share customer insights, and make customer data actionable

Gain actionable customer insights

We analyze customer data using advanced machine learning algorithms to help you gain deep understanding about your customers. Tajitsu offers a state of the art marketing optimization platform that helps you analyze and predict customer behavior and response to marketing actions in real-time.

We simplify data science to empower you to make the right marketing decisions. We turn your customer data into tangible business results.

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Data science for everyone

Predictive Analytics

Tajitsu's predictive models enables you to analyze almost any type of customer data, such as behavioral, transactional, and demographic data to predict customer behavior.

Content Personalization

Tajitsu helps you personalize each offer for each individual customer in real-time. Maximize conversions and optimize marketing campaigns across all channels.

Real-Time Recommendations

Tajitsu's real-time recommendation engine helps you determine the most relevant content to deliver to each individual customer given who they are, their responses to previous interactions, and the context of the current interaction.

Uplift Modelling

Increase your up-sell and cross-sell rates by choosing the right marketing action for each customer. Tajitsu’s helps you model the incremental impact of every marketing action for each individual customer.


Data science that empowers you to make the right decisions

Predictive Analytics as a Service

Tajitsu’s Predictive Analytics Platform enables developers to easily create intelligent software solutions at scale. Developing an intelligent, predictive application is not a simple task. It involves multiple areas of data science: collecting and aggregating data, creating and training predictive models, and machine learning algorithms to name a few. The Tajitsu platform does all of this for you. It’s easy to use, quick to get started and very powerful.

Early VIP Identification

Identify high net worth customers before your competitors and start treating them as VIP customers from day one.

Early Churn Identification

Predict each customer’s risk to stop using your product or service, while there is still time to do something about it.

Lifetime Value Forecast

Predicting each customer’s lifetime value will empower you to make the right business decisions for each individual customer.

Likelihood to Purchase

Take the guesswork out of selling; predict new customers' likelihood to convert into repeat purchasers.

Increasing customer retention by 5% can lead to a 25% - 95% increase in profit.

- Harvard Business Review

How it Works

Data science made easy

Tajitsu Monitor™

Collect and aggregate

We help you collect customer data in any format from any source or location

Tajitsu Predict™

Analyze and predict

From the collected data, we analyze and predict future customer behavior

Tajitsu Engage™

Personalize and engage

Our next-best-action marketing platform helps you create smarter communications

Machine Learning

Learn and Improve

Our machine learning platform helps you learn and improve from your customer interactions

Powered By Neural Networks

Tajitsu's state of the art prediction engine uses neural networks to predict future customer behavior. The strength of neural networks is that they learn the relationships between inputs and outputs automatically. They can also handle hundreds of input variables and discover non-linear relationships.

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About Tajitsu

Tajitsu was founded in 2011 with the mission to help marketing teams turn data into results. The technology is based on decades of AI research at Chalmers University, Sweden and has been used commercially for over 10 years. In September 2011, Tajitsu Industries was voted to be the second most promising start-up in the commercial gaming market by EIG LaunchPad 2011 (the global i-gaming industry’s main conference and forum). Tajitsu is working with clients around the globe, and has offices in Sweden and Africa.

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We're always looking for great people to join our team! Right now we've got positions open for Sales People, Web Designers, Project Managers, Analysts, Data Scientists, and cool ppl in general that get sh*t done. Drop us a line if you think Tajitsu seems interesting!

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